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From: Nick Alias Pizza Boy
Subject: Ex-Papaquitos Ex-Papaquitos
Nick Alias Pizza BoyNOTE: This story is purely fictional and doesn't imply anything about the
sexuality of Hugo Resende, Marcos D'Avila and Gustavo Moraes, former
Papaquitos in Brazil.
Hugo awoke to the noise of Gustavo in the bathroom. He gradually returned
from deep into the mysterious skies of sleep as he heard his roommate, and
partner in his new singing career, getting into the shower.Although he was basically straight, Hugo had been having a crush on Gustavo
ever since the two first met at the audition for Papaquitos. The closeness
they got after both had been accepted to form the hunky trio, along with
Marcos, had made Hugo quite excited more than one time.Picturing Gustavo soaping up his Nn Preteen Modles
tanned and perfectly muscled body, Hugo
caressed his own god-like frame under the thin white sheep which only
covered his lower half. Like most Brazilian men, Hugo enjoyed sleeping
naked all-year long and the numerous stays in hotels with Gustavo - added to
the almost two years of roommating - told him Moraes shared the same habit.Of the three Papaquitos, Hugo was the one which had the most developped
muscles but he didn't care much. All his eyes were on Gustavo, and he was
simply the hottest of the three to him. Now with a hand on his fully-erect
10.5-inch circumsized cock, Hugo imagined Gustavo doing the same under the
hot water jets next door. And though both men had had their fair shares of
skinny dipping together, it never happened to show themselves with a boner.
Which means that Hugo didn't have much of idea on how big was Gustavo once
hard.Stroking faster and faster, Hugo pushed the blanket away with his feet and
lifted his bottom almost perpendicular to his mattress. Then, he lubed the
index and middle fingers of his left hand with the growing amount of pre-cum
coming out throught his piss slit and inserted them into his waiting ass
hole until they've reached his prostate. This was his favorite part of
jacking off, and the only thing who would enter this way except his fingers
would be Gustavo's rock-hard cock.After long minutes of stroking, Hugo's morning masturbation Nn Preteen Modles session ended by
shooting a huge warm load of sperm on his right writs and washboard stomach.
Relaxed, Hugo stayed still for a while - until he heard the water being
shut down and Gustavo leaving the bathroom seconds after.Hugo got up and grabbed his bathrobe, and he heard Gustavo walking outside
to get the newspaper.
When Hugo arrived in the kitchen, he found Gustavo reading the paper while
waiting for Hugo to prepare the breakfast. It's always been like this, both
guys eating breakfast in nothing more than towels and swapping daily on who
cooks. That day was Hugo's turn.In front of the stove checking on the eggs frying, Hugo had a little talk
with Gustavo.- So, ya had a good night?- Oh yeah, not so bad. But my mattress is really killing me, I Nn Preteen Modles must get a
new one as soon as possible.- That sucks. Well, maybe there's enough room for both of us in my bed.- Sharing a bed with you! Are you kidding me??? I can recall perfectly all
these nights in the hotels. You're moving way too much to allow anyone
sleeping quietly next to you. Let alone your morning hood sneaking on my
hole at every second!Hugo laughed nervously, Nn Preteen Modles has he really done that??- Hey ya know what the paperboy told me?Hugo lifted his shoulders and served Gustavo, himself then sat down at the
table.- He said I've got a great cock.- Is that boy gay?- Nah, Nn Preteen Modles don't think so. He just likes my dick, it's no big deal to me.Since they had moved at Nn Preteen Modles this place, both Hugo and Gustavo had become quite
friendly with Rafael, their paperboy. He was 16 and Hugo, after he had
joined him and Gustavo skinning dipping in their condo's pool, had told the
teen to enlist for Papaquitos. In the mean time, he had become quite
accustomed to see Hugo and Gustavo collecting their papers wearing only
towels and it had even happened that Gustavo had come entirely naked. Of
course, Hugo knew nothing of this.- Suppose you went out in the nude to be told that, joked Hugo.- Yeah, I did. So what?, Gustavo added in response to Hugo's speechless
face.Gustavo was right. Both guys saw each other naked at least a couple of
times every week, if not daily. They never bothered themselves of swimsuits
when they went into their pool and, most of the time, worked out naked in
their basement. Naked sunbathing was also quite common, same as hanging out
naked inside. But, as if being naked together was reserved for outside, the
other wasn't aware of one's indoor exhibitionism.Past breakfast, Hugo and Gustavo came to their bedrooms to dress up. A
final visit at the bathroom to piss and brush teeth and they were gone for
the day, each on his side.Shortly past nine o'clock that night, they returned at their condo - for a
rare time arriving together. Gustavo quickly stripped to his shorts only
and Hugo followed. Dinner was Gustavo's.- Boy, my back still hurts. I thought it'd pass.- There's always the massage jet in the pool, it felt great on me. When you
got no girl to do the real thing.- Yeah, I'll go try that after. Hope you'll join me, it's quite hot inside.
Looks like one forgot to put the AC on this morning...It took only a few minutes to clean up the dishes and the kitchen and both
got out of their Nn Preteen Modles
remaining pieces of clothing before rushing into the pool,
just outside their condo.Gustavo sat in front of the massage jet and Hugo did some 250 laps, having
not exercised that day. Then, he joined his friend.- Is your back all right?- I guess so, but I'll stay here a little more.Hugo also sat near the jet and relaxed with Gustavo for almost an hour.
Then, they returned inside, showered and watched some MTV show in their
underwears while having a snack.It was nearly one when Hugo went in his room, although he read in his bed
until Gustavo finished talking on the phone with one of his friend who
seemed to be quite in troubles with a couple of drug debts.Gustavo made a last visit in the bathroom then peaked through Hugo's door
seconds before Resende was turning the lights off.- Hugo, I was wondering...you know this morning you said I could sleep with
you for a night or two.- Oh sure man, come.Hugo slid a little on his left so Gustavo would have the right side.
Gustavo sat on the bed and then Hugo felt a hand on his butt. He turned his
face to Gustavo and opened his eyes.- Sorry...just curious about how you slept. Can I take off my boxers too?- Make yourself at home, be comfortable. I don't give a damn shit.A few hours later, Hugo awoke at the sight of the first rays of sun coming
into the room. He froze when he realised Gustavo's long cock was leaning
against his lower back, a hand surrounded his own organ and that Gustavo was
breathing right on his shoulder. Hugo turned his head slightly and saw
Gustavo was completely spooning on him.Suddently, Hugo was laid on his back and Gustavo came over him.- Hugo man...ever since we've met, I've always wanted to have Nn Preteen Modles sex with
you...Hugo quickly put his arms around Gustavo's neck and kissed his roommate
passionately.Gustavo broke the kiss and began tongue-bathing Hugo's chest and arm pits.
He was stopped at the bellybutton, and then Hugo returned the favor to his
long-time lust. Both felt in heaven.- Oh please Hugo...yeah, make love to my cock boy...The first moans came as Hugo's tongue hit Gustavo's foot-long shaft. Driven
by instinct, Hugo gave his friend a blowjob no girl could never do better.
When Gustavo saw almost eleven inches being sunken down Hugo's throat, he
immediately turned over 180 degrees Nn Preteen Modles and sucked Hugo as good as he was being
blown.Under the birds' songs, they worked on each other's monster cock's until cum
flown all over the place. No hesitation, each's tasteful juices were
carefully swallowed until the last drop.After promising each other this wasn't the last time, Hugo laid in Gustavo's
arms and both relaxed for the few hours remaining before the time they had
to get up.- Hugo, I must tell ya something. Just hope you won't get mad at me.- Dude, you've just realised something I'd have never thought would happen
in real so why would I get mad?- My mattress is perfect. I lied. I lied because I wanted to get you in
action and I didn't know how. So I thought about getting you while you'd be
asleep so you'd oppose less resistance...- Who cares that you lied? Not me. I may care for someone else but not for
you, with that great bod, that great cock.Hugo and Gustavo then fondled again, before a final 69 before getting up...
Breakfast was replaced with sex, Gustavo getting the chance to fuck Hugo in
the shower before finding himself penetrated on the breakfast table. After
yet another 69 on the living room's carpet, they dressed and left as they
were getting late for their assignment.Even though they were no longer Papaquitos, having been replaced by another
trio of the hottest Brazilian males, Hugo, Gustavo and Marcos were still
refered as and sometimes had calls from magazine willing to interview them
to get updated on what happened to them after Planet Xuna. That day, Hugo
and Gustavo were to meet Marcos before getting interviewed for a gay
magazine.Marcos arrived a few minutes before the reporter and the photographer. The
photographer installed his material while the reporter explained how the
interview would be conducted to the three guys, seaten in front of iced tea.First, they had to take their shirts off and take pictures. All three, then
some one-man shots. A few poses were remotely suggestive. In one, the
three guys had to touch each other quite closely. In the other set, where
they were alone on the pictures, the photographer zoomed their crotches,
pecs, abs, nipples... Everything was made to turn the readers on, as the
reporter had stated.Then, they sat down a black lather couch and answered the questions of the
first part of the interview. It was traditional questions, questions they
had answered millions of times in their every public appearances and even
more.- Now, if you are ready, we will proceed into the second part of the
interview, the reporter explained. This section will be sexually explicit
and published only in the x-rated version of our magazine which is
distributed to only 500 persons in the whole Brazil.Since none of the three confessed having any same-sex encounters, because
Hugo and Gustavo kept it secret, the explicit part went mostly about their
masturbation sessions. As the reporter had pointed, describing their sex
lives with women was useless since the readers would be gay males at 100%.Eventually, the reporter and photographer took notice of the growing bulges
between the guys' legs. All three seemed quite impressive, which gave an
idea to both magazine staff.- My next question guys will be about your genital organs...you see, the
people we interview are always very beautiful men. Believe me, all the
three of you are. And normally, hunks like you have the finest cocks so I
was going to ask you to talk about your members. Just tell how long they
are when erect and if you are circumsised or not. Marcos?- Nine inches. Circumsised.- mmm...Hugo?- Ten inches and a half. Circumsised.- wow...and you Gustavo?- Twelve inches and three-quaters. Circumsised.The reporter dropped his jaw. He absolutely needed to see that, so he gave
a sign to the photographer.- Would you accept if we took pictures of your erections?- Not at all, they said in one voice and smiling from ear to ear.All three were still shirtless and barefoot, only in their pants. Marcos
wore blue jeans, Hugo had grey ones and Gustavo, dark green khaki pants.Under the flashes and the reporter's dismay, the three hunks stood and undid
their belts, unzipped their flies before dropping their pants down at their
knees to present their cocks under all their angles. None was surprised of
the absence of underwears.- If it interest you to know that, Gustavo began, Hugo and I love to have
sex together.Seconds later, Gustavo got onto Hugo and they began sucking each other while
Marcos ate Hugo's ass hole. The reporter shot his load in his pants,
stripped and continuted masturbating at the same time his photographer was
doing his best to immortalise the scenes and beating off.
Marcos, who ended up coming out as a gay in the next minutes, had his share
of cocks and loads of cum that night. Soon, he found his favorite position
and couldn't leave it. Hugo riding his ass while he deep throated Nn Preteen Modles Gustavo's
horsecock.As soon as Hugo parked his car in his garage, he and Gustavo grabbed Marcos
and carried him into Hugo's bedroom. They almost ripped off their clothes
when they stripped and didn't lose even a quarter of second before getting
into action.Gustavo sat on his ankles and brought Marcos' mouth to suck his cock. Just
as Gustavo was close to cum, Hugo surprised him from behind which
intensified his orgasm at a level he had never experienced. So Nn Preteen Modles high Nn Preteen Modles
when he filled Marcos' mouth with his juices, Gustavo lost balance and fell
back on Hugo.- Boys, there were nights when we were all three naked in a king size bed
and we SLEPT! I'm so ashamed now...- Don't worry Gustavo, said Marcos, we have A LOT of time to take back the
lost times...
I guess that's it for this one. These boys might return, I don't even know
myself. I have so much ideas and so little time to write, besides even if I
had more time to type I still have too much and so sudden inspiration that I
rarely can find enough stuff to complete a story. So there'll be something
new from me in a close future, whoever acts in the posting.As for the full listing of my postings, I've lost the count. I haven't
checked but it's possible I'm the biggest contributor to the celebrity

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